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The Chris Norton Foundation |  February 15, 2022

 A fundraiser for The Chris Norton Foundation was held recently and we were proud to hear that one of the auction items was a bottle of Cayman Spirits Oloroso Rum. The Chris Norton Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with spinal cord and neuromuscular disabilities live their best lives. By making a donation or helping spread awareness, you would be bringing invaluable tools, therapies, adaptive camps, and research to millions of people. Find more about Chris’ story by watching, “7 yards” on Netflix. We love a good cause here at Cayman Spirits. Cheers to the good people running this amazing organization!
The Oloroso Cask Finish Rum is the oldest and most sought-after offering from the Cayman Spirits Company. Due to the limited release of single cask batches, this spirit is highly allocated and hard to find. This rum is made by first taking select cuts of Queen’s Share Rum distilled from molasses in traditional a single copper pot still then aging at barrel proof in 200-liter ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky. Then after two years of aging, they are transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks imported from Jerez, Spain, where they will continue to age for another two years. The resulting spirit is exceptionally smooth and complex and is ideally suited for sipping neat, chilled, or with a cigar.
Tasting Notes: The aroma delivers a warm base of rich toffee marked with dark cherry and marzipan notes. The flavor profile builds softly from slight molasses and spice notes into vanilla, almond, and tropical fruit finish. It is full-bodied in strength and can benefit from a drop of cold water to open up in a Caribbean climate. It is smooth and well-rounded in style and invites another sip once the long finish eventually fades.